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We Are One (Teaser) – Jason McCoy and Friends

by erik.lidin@nordvastra.compublished on 21 april, 2020

We Are One is a song about hope and the human spirit. The COVID-19 virus started with one person. Within weeks, it spread to all parts of the world, affecting the health and well-being of our entire planet. Everyone, from every economic level and every walk of life, has been affected. The singers and musicians who performed on this track recorded their parts in isolation in their home studios. The song was written, recorded, and the video produced and completed … in 16 days. A true labour of love. Our goal is to have as many people as possible record their own version of this song and share it on your socials with your friends. Let’s get the positive message of this song to spread around the world! You can download the backing tracks at and use them to record your own version. Or, please create your own from scratch, do an acoustic version on your phone, or simply sing along here and record a video of yourself. Then please share it on You Tube and your social platforms and use hashtag #weare1worldsong. Proceeds from the song are being donated to COVID-19 relief efforts. Music Video:… hear your voice! #weare1worldsong Cheers to all of the artists, singers and musicians that made this happen, and a special thank you to Franck Boucheraud at FRB Production in Europe. Artists in alphabetical order: Scott Baggett hammond organ Didier Beaumont vocals… Clayton Bellamy vocals… Stephen Broadhurst percussion… Russell Broom guitar, production, mixing Chris Byrne bass, vocals… Dan Davidson vocals… Jessica Falk vocals, piano… Mark Goldenberg slide guitar Harlem Gospel Choir vocals… Adam Harvey vocals… Tim Hicks vocals Hunter Brothers vocals Hayley Jensen vocals Carolyn Dawn Johnson vocals… Gordie Johnson vocals, guitar… David Kalmusky baritone guitar, mastering Jason McCoy vocals, guitar… Matty McKay vocals… Greg Morrow drums Mr.Jay vocals Aaron Prichette vocals… Raghav vocals… Ed Robertson vocals… Deric Ruttan vocals… Saltbushsix vocals… Darren Savard guitar… Pavlo Simtikidis guitar Tara Slone vocals… Zoe Tiganouria accordion Kevin Young wurlitzer… Please share and sing along! #weare1worldsong #covi̇d19 #coronavairus #coronavirusupdate #covidrelief #SongsofComfort Performed by Jason McCoy and Friends Written by Jason McCoy and Jim Payetta Song Produced by Russell Broom Video Produced and Edited by Sean Smith… Kategori

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