Jessica Falk – Little Love

by Erik Lidinpublished on 4 november, 2020

Little Love is written by Jessica Falk & Jenn Bostic Recorded in Nashville together with wonderful musicians. Video Production Erik Linder – Grander Media AB

The latest single by Jessica Falk, “Little Love”, is a happy “feelgood” song with a deeper message at it’s core. Dare to dream! Now is the time to start living your life! Do what you can with what you have! As the song says…. “Dance in the rain instead of waitin’ on the sun.”

Jessica Falk is an artist, pianist, songwriter, life coach and inspirational speaker. Her mission is to inspire people to take care of themselves and to live their best life possible. As Jessica says- “the important thing is that you thrive and have good people around you who make you feel at home within your self”.

Science has shown that many people, when at the end of their life, regret that they didn´t do what they dreamed of when they had the chance. You can never know what will happen if you don´t dare to try!

”So afraid to lose what you have, but give it out and it’ll come right back Everybody needs a little love, needs a little love Shine your light, shine it just because Never can spread too much, Cause everybody needs a little love, needs a little love ”

“Little Love” was written by Jessica and the amazing singer/ songwriter Jenn Bostic. Jenn has won several awards for her songwriting and climbed to # 1 in the United Kingdom’s singer- songwriter charts with her song “Jealous Of The Angels”.

Vocals and piano: Jessica Falk

Background vocals: Jenn Bostic, Rocky Lindmark

Drums: Greg Morrow

Guitars: Pat Buchanan

Bass: Scott Baggett

Organ/synth: Scott Baggett

Producer – Scott Baggett

Mixing – Scott Baggett

Mastering – Yes Master studios / Ear Hear

Special thanks to: Mirre and Cary Pilbjer for the Chevrolet-57 Marie Brydolf and the horse Gorse Rocky Lindmark Patrik Lindmark Thomas – Nordiska Museet Åsa Backman, Jewelry Torbjörn Olsson, Ballongkungen Zizzi, Birsta Matilda Lundqvist & Harry Tyresö Församling Annika Alfsdotter

Cast Jessica Falk, Benny Palmebrand, Marie Brydolf, Gorse, Ingela Augustsson, Sune Augustsson, Shikai, Carina Hellman, Kimberley Hellman, Jenny Elisabeth Hellman, Lea Hagström, Pia Crona, Berth Adamsson, Eva Tynhage, Jan Hindersson, Jacob Brehnfors, Lasse Lindberg, Ann-Marie Lindberg, Robert Westman, Maria Vänskä, Mervi Vänskä, Agneta Ahlfors

“I am forever grateful for you wonderful people who are always there for me” //Jessica Copyright 2020 Eryn Music